Legal Labels – Ordering Information

To order law labels, we’ll request the following information:

1. The Uniform Registry Number (URN) of the manufacturer of the products.

2. The filling materials of the product stated as a percentage (%) by weight (not volume).

3. A company name and address. This can be either the manufacturer, importer/distributor or the retailer. Any one of these can be preceded by one of the appropriate: Made By, Sold By, Imported By, Distributed By, Made For, Manufactured For, Made Exclusively For.

4. Covering content by percentage (%) for Pillows & Comforters as required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

5. Finished Size for articles of bedding that will be sold in California.

6. Net Weight of Filling Materials for mattresses, foundations, sleeping bags and pads, futons and similar articles to be sold in California.

7. Country of Origin – in MOST cases will match the country suffix following the Uniform Registry Number.


1. Use “Order Now” on the left to get started. Fill out the form and we’ll contact you for the details to get your order started right away!

2. Call us toll free at (888) LAW-LABEL(529-5223) and let one of our courteous salespeople take the above information over the phone.

3. Email us at and one of our courteous sales people will respond right away to help you with an order.


1. Artwork Once we receive your order, new artwork is created with the information you provided and is faxed or emailed to you for your approval. Reorders are immediately scheduled for production.

2. Production Once the artwork is approved by customer it is then scheduled for production, printed and shipped typically in three business days.

If this isn’t fast enough, we offer a Priority Print Service to ship your order in two business days or next business day! For details, click here.


All orders are shipped via UPS Ground unless another method is requested. We can ship using a customer’s UPS, FedEx or DHL account number.


We accept Visa / MasterCard / American Express. Customers can open a credit account to obtain 30 day payment terms.