Law Label Printing

Law Label printing is our specialty.  Yes we do printing projects for clients other than Law Label printing.  But, Law Label printing is 99.2% of everything we print.

Because our whole business depends on printing Law Labels, we have become THE EXPERTS in Law Label printing.  Watching out for our law label clients is what we’ve done since 1985.

We’ll put that experience to work for you too.

It is critical for manufacturers and importers of products requiring law labels to have a printer who understands the complex rules for Law Labels, to avoid expensive labeling mistakes – and we will do that for YOU!

The actual process of printing Law Labels is not rocket science.  Nearly any print shop can print Law Labels, but there is more to Law Label printing than just the technical process of printing.


A printer creating law labels must know:

  1. WHAT information must be on your Law Label
    • It differs by product type and where your products will be sold
  2. WHERE each piece of information must be on your Law Label
    • The information must presented in a specific sequence
    • Even font size for some of the information is specified in some state regulations
  3. WHICH type of Law Label(s) your product requires
    • Depends on type of product and where it will be sold

So, the real key to Law Label printing is not in the printing, but in the preparation to do the Law Label printing.


Our clients trust us to print 6 – 8 million law labels per month.  Our clients routinely order 250 – 1,000,000 labels at a time.  We give the same level of service to all our clients.


We are so confident in our Law Label printing we back it up with our industry leading 100% COMPLIANCE GUARANTEE.  Your average run-of-the-mill print shop would never offer such a guarantee.  The average print shops are not experts in all the states rules and regulations related to Law Label printing.

Trust THE EXPERTS for all your Law Label printing.  Trust American Law Label. Call (888-529-5223), visit our Law Label Learning Center, or email us ( if you have questions about Law Label printing.  We are here to help you!