CA Flame Retardance Labels

These labels are required for certain products sold in California.

  • CA TB 117-2013 Flame retardant Labels for all upholstered furniture

This label signifies a sample of the same identical product was tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory and certified it passed the California test for fire resistance.

This label assures the buyer this product meets the California Flammability laws.

The regulations are complicated and very strict.  The regulations include rules related to things such as…

  • Required Information
  • Font size and type
  • Location on label of specific information

We’ll make sure your California Warning Labels meet all requirements and specifications.

Our 100% COMPLIANCE GUARANTEE ensures it.


Once your order is received we snap into action.

If your order involves new artwork, you must submit an Artwork Order Form.

If you are re-ordering the EXACT SAME label as a previous order, then please complete our simple ORDER FORM.


If your most recent order for the same label was placed over six months ago, we will AUTOMATICALLY review your prior job for compliance with current law label rules and regulations.

If your law label requires changes to comply with rules and regulations we will notify you via email of the required changes.  Making the changes may cause an Artwork Charge depending on how extensive the changes are.


Payment by credit card is required upon ordering.

You will be contacted for your credit card information prior to any artwork starting or order being placed into our production queue.