Canadian Labels


If you sell products in Canada which require a Law Label in the United States, it probably requires a Canadian Law Label.

Canadian Law Labels and requirements are much the same as USA Law Labels.  The largest difference is Canadian Law Labels must be in both English AND FRENCH.

There are other subtle differences between USA Law Labels and Canadian Law Labels.  We are experts at knowing those subtle differences.

We’ll make sure Canadian Law Labels meet all Canadian requirements and specifications.

Our 100% COMPLIANCE GUARANTEE ensures it.


Once your order is received we snap into action.

If your order involves new artwork, you must submit an Artwork Order Form.

If you are re-ordering the EXACT SAME label as a previous order, then please complete our simple ORDER FORM.

NOTE: If your most recent order for the same label was placed over six months ago, we will AUTOMATICALLY review your prior job for compliance with current law label rules and regulations.

If your law label requires changes to comply with rules and regulations we will notify you via email of the required changes.  Making the changes may cause an Artwork Charge depending on how extensive the changes are.


Payment by credit card is required upon ordering.

You will be contacted for your credit card information prior to any artwork starting or order being placed into production.