Mattress/Fabric Labels

Mattress Labels are branding labels used by the manufacturer to show the buyer information like…

  • Company Name and/ Logo
  • Product Name
  • Marketing
  • Construction Information
  • Size Information

There are no rules or regulations pertaining to Mattress Labels other than ‘Truth in Advertising’ type laws.  Mattress Labels are more of a ‘packaging’ label.

Material Type

We can print your Mattress Labels on either Satin Polyester or Non-Satin Polyester.

Iron-on or Sew-on

Whether you want to iron-on or sew-on your Mattress Label, no problem.  We can help you with either.

Custom Sizes

We can print just about any size Mattress Label.

Full Color

These labels can be printed in full color. If you are interested in full color print, please contact
our team as some limitations do apply.

Low Minimums

We can print as few as 500 Mattress Labels.  This is a real plus for prototype, small batches or private labeling.

Artwork Design

We can help you design your Mattress Label.  There would be a separate fee for us to help you design your Mattress Label.


Lead time will vary depending on your specific Adhesive Label needs and quantities.


Whatever your Mattress Label needs are we can help.  Just call us at 1-888-529-5223 to discuss your needs.