Uniform Registration Number (URN) Verification

With this service, we will contact the appropriate states and confirm the URN on your label is active, current and registered to the correct factory. We also confirm your URN is registered in the states where your products are sold. This is a critical step often overlooked. This is important for importers to ensure the factory making the products has a valid and up-to-date URN.

Areas of verification include:

  • Check expiration date from the issuing state
  • Match URN to factory
  • Verify URN is registered and active in all required states where products will be sold

You must provide:

  • Factory Uniform Registry Number
  • Factory name and address
  • Type of products the law label will be attached to


  • Upon completion you’ll receive a Report of Analysis on the status & validity of the Uniform Registry Number
  • Requires contact with state regulatory officials – turnaround varies

Turnaround Time:

Turnaround time on URN Verification varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how many states to verify and how responsive the states are to our requests.

The cost for URN Verification is $297 per URN

A separate Order Form must be submitted for each URN, as a URN is assigned to a factory, and the factory information will be different for each URN.

  • Complete the form below
  • Submit the form to us
  • Provide payment information when our Customer Service department contacts you via phone


    Factory producing the products

    Type of products law labels are/will be attached to:

    If No, the products are/will be sold in these states which require registration (check all which apply):CACTDEDetroitMANYNCOHOKPARIUTVAWV