We can create the artwork to print your law labels. We are law label experts and we’ll make sure your law label artwork complies with all current state and federal rules when artwork is created.

Once your artwork is complete, your labels can be printed by American Law Label or elsewhere.

Foreign factories are the most common users of this service. Besides the language challenges, most foreign factories do not know the rules for law labels in the United States. So, they have us create the artwork and have the labels printed in their country for convenience.

Turnaround time on artwork orders is typically 1 – 2 business days.

We make it as easy as 1-2-3 to ORDER ARTWORK.

  1. Complete the form below. Items with an * are required
  2. Submit the request
  3. Provide payment information

It costs only $175 per label for artwork.

Note: We cannot verify the information you provide about your products. We can assure your law label will comply with the requirements of all state’s tagging laws for the products you specify.

Please make sure your information is accurate.

Items for special attention:

  1. Make sure the registration number you provide for the manufacturer is current (has not expired) and that it is registered in the states requiring registration where the products will be sold. NOTE: our sister company Global Registration Services can help you with registration in all states.
  2. Make sure the filling materials and the percentages (% = 100) are accurate within 1% measured by weight.
  3. California requires additional info for certain products. You can leave this information off the law label, but make sure the info is present when attached to the products when offered for sale.

    Account Information

    Type of products law labels are/will be attached to:

    State the filling materials as a percentage (%) by weight (not volume). These must total 100%.

    For the material reference for filling materials & percentages, click here

    Filling Material


    Company name and address to appear on the label.

    This can be the manufacturer, importer/distributor, or retailer. It is your choice. Most states require this information on the label.

    If these labels are being attached to Pillows, Blankets, Quilts, Bedspreads, Pads, Sleeping Bags, or Comforters, please provide the covering content by percentage (%) as required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These must total 100%

    Covering Content


    For California - If these labels are being attached to bedding to be sold in California, please provide the Finished Size:

    Mattresses – Foundations – Futons – Mattress Pads – Bed Pillows – Comforters & Bedspreads –
    Hybrid Waterbeds containing a solid concealed filling material – Sleeping Bags and similar articles.

    For California - If these labels are being attached to bedding to be sold in California, please provide the Net Weight of Filling Materials:

    Mattresses – Foundations – Sleeping Bags and Pads – Futons and similar articles to be sold in California.