What is a Law Label?

The purpose of the law label is to inform the consumer of the hidden contents, or “filling materials” inside bedding & furniture products. The law label was born in the early 1900s to prevent these articles from being further manufactured with contents such as horse hair, corn husks and whatever else a manufacturer could find to use that the consumer would never see. It’s similar to food labeling.

Law Labels must describe the filling materials of the article as a percentage of those filling materials by weight. Example: 80% Polyurethane Foam, 20% Polyester Fibers.

Currently 31 states require law labels. The products requiring law labels in each state varies, as does the labeling requirements. Uniform law labels can be produced to satisfy the different requirements of each state.

Law Labels are also required in most states to display a Uniform Registry Number which identifies the manufacturing facility that produced the products. This can be any company in the world who’s products are sold in the U.S.

Law Labels are governed on a state-by-state basis by various departments. Examples of these departments are:

Department of Health, Weights & Measures

Bureau of Home Furnishings

Dept. of Agriculture

Division of Industrial Compliance.

Example of the Anatomy of a Law Label


What is a Uniform Registry Number (URN)?

When a manufacturer registers in a state, it is issued a Uniform Registry Number (URN). This URN must then be registered in the other states requiring registration so that only one URN is needed. This URN identifies the company as the manufacturer of the products and must be printed on the law labels attached to the products. Only a manufacturer can be issued a URN. A single manufacturing company that has multiple plants must have a different URN for each location.

U.S. companies that import and/or distribute foreign products must ensure that the foreign manufacturer has proper registration where required in the U.S. Be certain that the registration number on your products, whether you manufacturer them or import them, is registered and active in the state where the products will be sold to avoid fines and products from being removed from sale!


Products Requiring Law Labels

The following list encompasses all known products that require law labels. This does not mean that if your particular product is not on the list, that it does not require a law label. If you don’t see your product listed, please contact us for a determination. It may fall under a product category on the list – or we may consult with a state official if it is something new and different. Bottom line: if it is meant to be slept, reclined or sat upon, it will require a law label!

Baby Changing Pads Bean Bags
Bed Pillows Boat Seating
Bumper Pads Children’s Car Seats
Comforters Crib
Cushions Decorative Pillows
Dining Room Chairs Exercise Equipment Cushions
Filling Materials in Bulk Foundations Futons
Mattress Pads Loveseats
Mattresses Padded Baby Carriers
Padded Toilet Seats Ottomans
Pet Beds Quilts
Reclining Chairs Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Pads Sofas
Upholstered Chairs Upholstered Dual Purpose Furniture
Upholstered Headboards Waterbed Mattress Liners


States With Tagging Laws: Registration Required

California Connecticut Delaware Detroit(MI) Massachusetts
New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Texas Utah Virginia West Virginia

States With Tagging Laws: Registration NOT Required

Arizona Arkansas Colorado District of Columbia Florida*
Hawaii Illinois Indiana Kentucky Minnesota
Missouri Nevada* New Hampshire New Jersey Tennessee
Vermont Wisconsin      
        * Secondhand Only

States WITHOUT Tagging Laws

Alabama Alaska Georgia Idaho Iowa
Kansas Louisana Maine Maryland Michigan
Mississippi Montana Nebraska New Mexico North Dakota
Oregon Puerto Rico South Carolina South Dakota Virgin Islands
Washington Wyoming      

States With Tagging Laws: New Products

Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Delaware
Detroit (MI) District of Columbia Hawaii Indiana Kentucky
Massachusetts Minnesota Missouri New Hampshire New Jersey
New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin    

States With Tagging Laws: Secondhand Products

Arizona California Connecticut Delaware Florida
Illinois Indiana Maryland Massachusetts Missouri
New Hampshire New Jersey New York Nevada North Carolina
Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia West Virginia

Note: this list is current to the best of our knowledge and is updated immediately when new information is received as to the changing status of any state and it’s requirements.

Filling materials glossary

Staple Cotton Cotton Linters Cotton By-Products Cotton Waste
Cotton Felt Cotton Batting Blended Cotton Felt Staple
Cotton Fiber Loose Cotton Cotton Felt  
Wool or Virgin Wool Wool By-Products Wool Waste  
Wool Blends or Mixtures (Blended Wool) Wool Felt Wool Batt Wool Batting Blended
Wool Felt      
Hair Hair Mixtures Hair Classification Curled Hair
Uncurled Hair      
Feathers Goose Feathers Duck Feathers Waterfowl Feathers
Turkey Feathers Chicken Feathers    
Quill Feathers Feather Fibers Crushed Feathers Chopped Feathers
Damaged Feathers Feather Mixtures Residue (Feathers) Marabou Fibers
Stripped Feathers Nestling Feather    
Down Goose Down Duck Down Plumule
Nestling Down Down Fibers    
Rubber Latex Foam Rubber Sponge Rubber  
Urethane Foam Polyurethane Foam Urethane Foam / High Resilience Polystyrene Foam Beads
Vinyl Foam Neoprene Foam Molded Styrofoam Olefin Foam
Urethane Foam Skins      
Acetate Fiber Acrylic Fiber Azlon Fiber Glass Fiber
Modacrylic Fiber Nylon Fiber Nytril Fiber Olefin Fiber
Rayon Fiber Saran Fiber Spandex Fiber Vinyl Fiber
Polyester Pneumacel Metallic Fiber Polyester Fiber Vinyon Fiber
Cattail Plant Fibers Cellulose Fiber Coconut Husk Fiber or Coir Buckwheat Hulls
Excelsior Flax Fiber Flax Tow Hay
Jute Pad Kapok Milkweed Fiber Moss
Sea Grass Silk Sisal, Sisal Fiber Sisal Fiber Tow
Sisal Fiber Waste Straw Tampico Tampico Fibers
Tula, Tula Fiber Esparto Fiber Jute Fiber Palm Fiber
Textile Fiber By-Product Textile Clippings Dry Polymer Textile Fiber of Unknown Kind
Textile Fiber Waste      
ADJUNCTIVE TERMS (For Use With Above Terms When Applicable)
All-Pure 100% Batting or Felt Cemented Damaged
Oily Pad Pieces Rubberized
Colored / Dyed Trash Used-Secondhand Waste
Card, Strips, Stripping Comber or Noils Fly Garnetted
Napper Picker, Picker Motes or Motes Boric Acid Treated Molded
Resinated or Resin Treated Spring Unit Wire Spring Unit Coil Spring Unit
Miscellaneous Waste Fibers      
Bonded Border Burlap Cotton (by itself)
Fiber Fill Hen Feathers Paper Sheets Recycled
Steel Wool Tan-O-Quill Trade Names Trademarks
Defabricated Fibers Shredded Curled Feathers Rubber By-Products
Wood Wool Virgin