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Stay ahead of the inspector with a professional law label audit from American Law Label. Our team of experts can ensure your existing label is current with all state and federal regulations to help you avoid costly fines.
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What we look for

The goal of a professional law label audit is to reveal errors that were made during design, and to ensure that your label is compliant with regulations that went into effect after your label was designed. 

The team at American Law Label inspects each label for the details that could spell the difference between complete compliance or costly fines.

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Large Orders: Orders of 10,000 labels or more require a longer turnaround time and are ineligible for Priority Printing. If you need labels as soon as possible, we may be able to arrange a partial shipment with Next Day Priority Print.

Cutoff Time: The cutoff time to submit a Next Day Priority Print order is 12:00pm noon, Arizona time. Friday requests will ship the first business day of the following week.

Why Would My Law Label Need An Audit?

A professional audit is the best way to get peace of mind that your law label is fully compliant with the latest state and federal regulations. Here are a few signs that your label could benefit from an audit by American Law Label.

Your label was designed in-house. The world of law label compliance is difficult to navigate if you aren’t a compliance professional. It’s always best to leave label design to the experts at American Law Label.

Your label was designed by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers located overseas aren’t familiar with U.S. tagging laws. That can lead to errors that make your label noncompliant.

Your label was based on another existing label. If your label wasn’t designed by a professional like American Law Label, it may have been based on another existing law label for a different product. Law label requirements are extremely product specific so if your current label was based off another product, that label may be non-compliant

Your label hasn’t been audited lately. Did you know that tagging laws change as frequently as every few months? Recent legislation could mean that your label is outdated and no longer compliant.

Audit Costs and Turnaround Time

The cost for a law label audit from the experts at American Law Label is $135 per label.

If you would like us to reinspect a label that we have previously inspected, the cost is reduced to $25 per label.

In either case, you can expect the results of your audit within 72 hours of receipt of payment. That industry-leading speed means you can quickly take action and update your labels, if necessary.


Submit A label for audit

Ready to request an audit from American Law Label? Here’s how the process works in three easy steps.
  1. Using this form, submit an order form for each law label you would like us to audit. You will need to attach a 100% size PDF or JPG file for each label.
  2. The American Law Label team will reach out to confirm your order and arrange payment.
  3. Our team will inspect your label(s) and send you a Report of Analysis within 2 business days of receipt of payment.

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