The purpose of a law label (sometimes called a Do Not Remove label) is to inform consumers of the hidden contents, or “filling materials”, inside bedding, furniture and other products.

The law label was born in the early 1900s to prevent these articles from being filled with things such as horse hair, corn husks and other “materials” the consumer would never see.  It’s similar to food labeling.

Law Labels must describe the filling materials of the article as a percentage of those filling materials by weight.  Example: 80% Polyurethane Foam, 20% Polyester Fibers.

Currently 31 states, and Canada, require law labels.  The products requiring law labels in each state varies, as does the labeling requirements.  Uniform law labels can be produced to satisfy the different requirements of all states.

Law Labels in most states require the display a Uniform Registry Number (URN).  The URN identifies the manufacturing facility which produced the product.  This can be any factory in the world whose products are sold in the U.S.

Law Labels are governed on a state-by-state basis by various departments.  Examples of these departments are:

  • Department of Health, Weights & Measures
  • Bureau of Home Furnishings
  • Dept. of Agriculture
  • Division of Industrial Compliance.

What is a Uniform Registry Number (URN)?

When a manufacturer registers in a state, it is issued a Uniform Registry Number (URN).  This URN  can then be registered in the other states requiring registration.  So, only one URN is needed per factory.

This URN identifies the manufacturer of the products and must be printed on the law labels attached to the products.  Only a manufacturer can be issued a URN.  A single manufacturing company with multiple plants must have a different URN for each plant location.

U.S. companies who import and/or distribute foreign products must ensure the foreign manufacturer has proper registration where required in the U.S.

Be certain the URN on your products, whether you manufacture them or import them, is registered and active in the state(s) where the products will be sold to avoid fines and/or product being removed from shelves.

URN Registration Process

Each state has their unique URN registration process, forms, renewal period, fees, etc.  This can all be very complicated and time consuming.  The penalties and consequences (like fines, having product pulled from shelves or returned by the retailer) can be severe.

It can easily be a full-time job to keep up with the ever changing URN regulations in all the states.  Many manufacturers and importers ensure they are in compliance with all states by subcontracting the URN license set-up and renewals with a company like Global Registration Services, our sister company.

Give them a call today and they can explain how they can help you.  1-312-405-9467

Products Requiring Law Labels:

The following list shows all known products which require law labels.

This does not mean if your particular product is not on the list, it does not require a law label.  If you don’t see your product listed, please contact us for a determination.  It may fall under a product category on the list – or we may consult with state officials if it is something new and different.

Bottom line: if it is slept, reclined or sat upon and it is stuffed, it will require a law label!

Automobile Seat CushionsLaptop Desks
Baby Bath SlingsMattresses, Foundations & Futons
Baby Carrier (Harness)Mattress Pads
Baby Changing PadsMedical Lumbar Support
Bar StoolsNeck Rolls / Pillows
Bath MatsOttomans
Bean BagsPadded Baby Carriers
Bed PillowsPlay Mats
Bicycle SeatsPotty Seats (padded)
Boat SeatingQuilts
Car Seat ProtectorsReclining Chairs
Car Seat Strap CoversShopping Cart Covers
Child’s Car SeatSleeping Bags
ComfortersSleeping Pads
Crib Bumper PadsSofas/Loveseats
Cushions for BeddingStroller Padded Components
Cushions for FurnitureStuffed Toys
Decorative PillowsTrampoline Padding
Dining Room ChairsUpholstered Chairs
Exercise Equipment CushionsUpholstered Dual Purpose Furniture
Filling Materials in BulkUpholstered Headboards
Waterbed Mattresses, Liners, Heaters & FramesIce Fishing Bucket Seats


States With Tagging Laws: Registration Required

New YorkNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaPennsylvania
Rhode IslandTexasUtahVirginiaWest Virginia

States With Tagging Laws: Registration NOT Required

ArizonaArkansasColoradoDistrict of ColumbiaFlorida*
MissouriNevada*New HampshireNew JerseyTennessee
* Secondhand Only

States WITHOUT Tagging Laws

MississippiMontanaNebraskaNew MexicoNorth Dakota
OregonPuerto RicoSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaVirgin Islands

States With Tagging Laws: New Products

Detroit (MI)District of ColumbiaHawaiiIndianaKentucky
MassachusettsMinnesotaMissouriNew HampshireNew Jersey
New YorkNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaPennsylvania
Rhode IslandTennesseeWisconsinUtahVermont
VirginiaWest Virginia

States With Tagging Laws: Secondhand Products

New HampshireNew JerseyNew YorkNevadaNorth Carolina
OhioOklahomaPennsylvaniaRhode IslandTennessee
WisconsinUtahVermontVirginiaWest Virginia

Note: this list is current to the best of our knowledge and is updated immediately when new information is received as to the changing status of any state and it’s requirements.

Filling materials glossary

Staple CottonCotton LintersCotton By-ProductsCotton Waste
Cotton FeltCotton BattingBlended CottonFelt Staple
Cotton FiberLoose CottonCotton Felt
Wool or Virgin WoolWool By-ProductsWool Waste
Wool Blends or Mixtures (Blended Wool)Wool FeltWool BattWool Batting Blended
Wool Felt
HairHair MixturesHair ClassificationCurled Hair
Uncurled Hair
FeathersGoose FeathersDuck FeathersWaterfowl Feathers
Turkey FeathersChicken Feathers
Quill FeathersFeather FibersCrushed FeathersChopped Feathers
Damaged FeathersFeather MixturesResidue (Feathers)Marabou Fibers
Stripped FeathersNestling Feather
DownGoose DownDuck DownPlumule
Nestling DownDown Fibers
RubberLatex Foam RubberSponge Rubber
Urethane FoamPolyurethane FoamUrethane Foam / High ResiliencePolystyrene Foam Beads
Vinyl FoamNeoprene FoamMolded StyrofoamOlefin Foam
Urethane Foam Skins
Acetate FiberAcrylic FiberAzlon FiberGlass Fiber
Modacrylic FiberNylon FiberNytril FiberOlefin Fiber
Rayon FiberSaran FiberSpandex FiberVinyl Fiber
Polyester PneumacelMetallic FiberPolyester FiberVinyon Fiber
Cattail Plant FibersCellulose FiberCoconut Husk Fiber or CoirBuckwheat Hulls
ExcelsiorFlax FiberFlax TowHay
Jute PadKapokMilkweed FiberMoss
Sea GrassSilkSisal, Sisal FiberSisal Fiber Tow
Sisal Fiber WasteStrawTampicoTampico Fibers
Tula, Tula FiberEsparto FiberJute FiberPalm Fiber
Textile Fiber By-ProductTextile ClippingsDry PolymerTextile Fiber of Unknown Kind
Textile Fiber Waste
ADJUNCTIVE TERMS (For Use With Above Terms When Applicable)
All-Pure 100%Batting or FeltCementedDamaged
Colored / DyedTrashUsed-SecondhandWaste
Card, Strips, StrippingComber or NoilsFlyGarnetted
NapperPicker, Picker Motes or MotesBoric Acid TreatedMolded
Resinated or Resin TreatedSpring UnitWire Spring UnitCoil Spring Unit
Miscellaneous Waste Fibers
BondedBorderBurlapCotton (by itself)
Fiber FillHen FeathersPaper SheetsRecycled
Steel WoolTan-O-QuillTrade NamesTrademarks
Defabricated FibersShreddedCurled FeathersRubber By-Products
Wood WoolVirgin


Note: State regulations vary by product type, so all of the states listed might not be necessary depending on the products being produced and/or sold.