Webinar & Training

We are experts in the field of law labels and product compliance. The American Label Team has decades of experience and established relationships with state and federal tagging law officials. Let us put this expertise to work for you.

For new manufacturers and importers or established firms who are new to the industry, it can be hard to know where to start. You might be asking yourself or your team:

  1. What products need labels?
  2. What needs to be on those labels?
  3. Which states require labeling and in what format?

Even for established compliance teams, there can be differing levels of familiarity with labeling laws. We can help get your organization on the same page.

Who could benefit from a webinar or training?

  1. Multi-person compliance teams with different levels of experience or focus areas
  2. Lots of general/common questions about labeling
  3. New companies or companies new to the stuffed article industry
  4. Teams struggling with inconsistent practice or lab failures

American Law Label can help provide a base-level understanding to your team with a custom webinar or training. General rules and common questions are always covered, and we can tailor the presentation to fit your company, team, and product specialty.