Uniform Registry Number (URN) Verification

At one point in time, you applied for a Uniform Registry Number (URN) for your stuffed product. URN Verification is a critical but often overlooked step that confirms your label’s URN is still valid and compliant in the states where your product is sold.

What we look for

URN Verification is a critical step to ensure that your URN is active, current, and registered to the correct factory. These are the details that can cause your product to receive violations or be removed from shelves if they are inaccurate.

With help from various regulatory officials across the country, American Law Label verifies important details about your URN including: 

  • The expiration date from the issuing state 
  • That the URN matches the physical factory where the product was manufactured 
  • That the URN is registered and active in all states where products are regulated and sold

Why Would My URN Need Verification?

Your URN was issued when you originally registered your product, but certain information may have changed since that date. Here are a few reasons why it may be beneficial to submit your URN for verification with American Law Label.

Your URN is expired. Registering for a URN is only the first step in compliance. URNs have expiration dates, and failing to submit payment for renewal means your URN may no longer be compliant. 

The factory where your product is manufactured has changed. A URN represents the physical factory where your product is manufactured. If your factory has changed locations, or you have changed manufacturers altogether, your URN must be updated.

The company name or address has changed. Name and address changes must be reflected on the law label. 

Your URN has never been verified. If you are like many companies, URNs are not top of mind. URN Verification gives you peace of mind that the URN on your law labels are fully compliant so you avoid costly fines and violations.

URN Verification Costs and Turnaround Time

The cost for URN Verification is $297 per URN. 

Verifying a URN requires American Law Label to reach out to various regulatory officials, depending on where your product is sold. Turnaround time varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how responsive those regulatory agencies are to our requests.

Submit A URN For Verification

URN Verification can be a lengthy process, so we recommend starting as soon as possible. Here’s what you can expect once you submit a URN for verification with American Law Label.
  1. Using the button below, submit an order form for each URN you would like us to verify. We will ask for information including the URN(s), the factory name and address, and the type of product the law label(s) will be attached to. 
  2. Once we have received your order, the American Law Label team will be in touch to confirm your order details and facilitate payment. 
  3. After receiving payment, our experts will begin the inspection process. Once we have heard back from all relevant regulatory officials, we will complete our inspection and send you a Report of Analysis. This report includes the status and validity of your URN. 
  4. If we find any issues with your URN, American Law Label can help you rectify it. We will be in touch to help you determine next steps.
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