Garment Labels

Garment Labels or Tags usually must be printed on durable, waterproof, soap resistant material.

Garment Labels or Tags are sewn into or on the garment and might contain a wide variety of information, like…

  • Manufacturer or Seller
  • Product name or description
  • Size
  • Color
  • Fabric material
  • Washing or care instructions

Custom Sizes

Even though most Garment Labels or Tags are fairly small, we can print your Garment Labels or Tags in just about any custom size you need.

Full Color

These labels can be printed in full color. If you are interested in full color print, please contact
our team as some limitations do apply.

Low Minimums

Depending on the size of your Garment Labels or Tags, we have low minimum quantities per order.  This is a real plus for prototype runs or small batches of garments.

Two-Sided Printing

If you need two-sided printing on your Garment Labels or Tags, no problem.

Straight Cut or Folded

Some manufacturers prefer a straight cut Garment Label or Tag, while others prefer a folded Garment Label or Tag.  A Folded Garment Label or Tag can make for shorter tag, which might be needed for your particular product.


Lead time will vary depending on your specific garment Label needs and quantities.


Whatever your Garment Label or Tag needs are we can help.

Just call us at 1-888-529-5223 to discuss your needs.