Secondhand /Sanitized Labels

The intent of this law label is to notify the buyer that the mattress, other bedding products or furniture is used and the product has been sanitized.

It is also intended to protect the buying public from buying used, or secondhand items being represented as new.


The rules and regulations for Secondhand Labels vary from state to state.  Some states don’t even require them.  Other states have very strict rules with Secondhand Labels for used products.

Where there are rules, they always require a Secondhand Label to be  printed in YELLOW so it stands out from the other labels which might be on the product.

Some states require a permit to sell Secondhand Bedding & Furniture.  We will need your permit number if you sell in one of those states.  See our Law Label Learning Center for a list of states which require tagging of Secondhand or Sanitized products.

We’ll design and print to ensure your Secondhand Labels meet all law label requirements and specifications.

Our 100% COMPLIANCE GUARANTEE ensures it.

Sequential Numbering

Some states, such as Ohio, require a logbook be kept for each item sanitized. Additionally,
California requires that each label be numbered.  Consecutive numbers make it easier to match
your logbook entry to a specific label in case there is a state inspection or a customer issue.

Our printing team can add sequential numbers to your labels.


Once your order is received we snap into action.

If your order involves new artwork, you must submit an Artwork Order Form.

If you are re-ordering the EXACT SAME label as a previous order then please complete our simple ORDER FORM.

NOTE: If your most recent order for the same label was placed over six months ago, we will AUTOMATICALLY review your prior job for compliance with current law label rules and regulations.

If your law label requires changes to comply with rules and regulations we will notify you via email of the required changes.  Making the changes may cause an Artwork Charge depending on how extensive the changes are.


Payment by credit card is required upon ordering.

You will be contacted for your credit card information prior to any artwork starting or order being placed into production.