What Type of Label Does My Product Need?

Feb 21st, 2024 Guides

A compliant law label may only be the first step toward complete compliance. Many types of products require additional labels that ensure consumer product safety.

Read on to learn about common labels that may be required in addition to law labels, and what types of products need them.

Flammability Labels

There are several standards in place to reduce the risk of deaths and injuries associated with fires. Certain stuffed furniture products must be tested to ensure that they do not easily catch fire, and Flammability Labels certify that your product has passed the test.

Specifically, mattresses require a 16 CFR 1633 label to be sold in the United States. Upholstered furniture requires a CPSC flammability statement and CA TB 117 label in California.

Title VI Labels

In addition to any labels that are relevant to the product’s cushions, furniture products made with composite wood require Title VI labeling.

Formally, Title VI is known as the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Title VI. The Act ensures that products that contain hardwood plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard comply with formaldehyde emissions standards.

Title VI Labels certify that these products have been tested to fall within the allowed range of emissions. American Law Label can guide you through the testing process and print your Title VI Labels once they’ve been certified.

Tracking Labels

If your product is intended for children under the age of twelve (12), it requires a Tracking Label. As the name suggests, Tracking Labels help track a product back to its point of origin, including where and when it was manufactured.

In some cases, both the product packaging and the product itself must be permanently marked with a Tracking Label. American Law Label can help you understand your requirements and design labels to keep your products compliant.

Product Registration Cards

Durable products for infants and toddlers require a Product Registration Card. Product Registration Cards allow consumers to send their contact information to the product’s manufacturer so they can be notified in case of a safety alert or recall.

These products may require additional warning labels. American Law Label can help you determine what labels are needed in addition to Product Registration Cards.

Ensure Your Complete Compliance

From law labels to additional consumer product safety labeling, American Law Label can design and print any labels your product may need to remain compliant. Start the process by tapping the button below.

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